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Reliable Car Services Centre in Highett

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient car mechanic in Highett? Get quick and effective services from experts at Moorabbin Auto Clinic. Your safety is our priority and we will perform a rigorous inspection to determine any underlying issues. Every problem will be fixed quickly to get you back on the road safely.

You get all kinds of automotive repairs and maintenance services to improve your vehicle’s performance and handling. We specialise in a wide variety of car services under one roof that includes both mechanical and electrical repair works such as:

  • General car servicing and repair :

    General diagnostic checks, engine oil changes, replacement of oil filters, and vehicle greasing.

  • Log book servicing :
    Our logbook service will ensure that your vehicle is up to the manufacturer’s standards.
  • Roadworthy certificates :

    As a vehicle owner, it is your responsibility to get it tested for roadworthiness before you sell it. Similarly, before buying a car, you should also ask for a roadworthiness certificate.

  • Mechanical repairs :

    We can handle any type of damage and replace failing or worn-out components with genuine spare parts.

  • Aircon servicing : 

    Whether your car air conditioning has cooling or leakage issues or any other fault, we will inspect every component and resolve the issue.

  • Electrical repairs : 

    Installation and repair of the electrical wiring of motor vehicles.

  • Clutches : 

    Repairing and replacing pressure plates, disks, and bearings whichever is necessary for optimal performance.

  • Car battery repair and replacement : 

    If your car’s battery is dead and refuses to start or you experience a burnt smell, you may need a car battery replacement.

  • Wheel services and alignment : 

    Unaligned wheels will contribute to vibrations when you drive. We will perform a wheel and tyre alignment to fix such issues and provide a comfortable and safe ride.

  • Car brakes and suspension repair : 

    The suspension system undergoes a lot of wear and tear over time. If your suspension is off, your vehicle will nose dive when you step on the brake. Our shop will repair or replace the damaged parts for the smoothest ride.

  • Fuel injector services : 

    Cleaning the fuel injector to remove carbon deposits and debris that are blocking the system will restore the performance of your vehicle.

  • Auto transmission repairs : 

    Not every car mechanic can work on automatic transmissions. Trust our certified technicians to not only service your auto transmission but also recommend the best ways to look after them.

Vehicle Roadworthy Inspection and Certificate

If you wish to pass the roadworthiness inspection and get a roadworthy certificate for your vehicle, there are a few things you need to know. The vehicle inspection will assess the key components and systems to determine if the car is roadworthy or not. The checklist provided below covers all the major points that are necessary to ensure a successful inspection.

  • Brake and braking system checks : The warning system and brakes are essential safety features for any vehicle and must be in good working condition to pass the inspection.
    • All the components must be located correctly, mounted securely and function properly
    • All brake components must be free from visible warranty distortion or any kind of damage
    • Emergency brake and vehicle parking must function correctly
    • Park brakes should have the capacity to keep the vehicle stationary on any hill gradient
    • Brake systems should not have leaks
    • The horn must work properly
    • Brake linings must not be worn down to the indicators
  • Chassis and vehicle body checks : Your vehicle must have
    • Absence of any condition that will affect safe operation or cause structural failure
    • A sound floor that is free of any condition would jeopardise safe driving
    • Functioning mechanisms for boots, ute lids, inc doors, hatches, bonnets and tailgates
    • Securely fitted bumper bars that eliminate protrusions or sharp corners
    • The towbar, if present, should be correctly fitted and in good condition
    • Vehicles with a tray-type body should have suitable mud flags
  • General vehicle checks : Your car should be in generally good condition and have
    • All accessories function properly without impeding performance
    • All the accessories must be suitable for the intended tasks
    • Properly working signals, lights and reflectors

Why Choose Us as Your Car Mechanic?

We are a reputed provider of car services in Highett for all kinds of repair and maintenance work. The team provides accurate diagnostics to help you avoid expensive repairs and recommends the most cost-effective solutions as well. As we work with only qualified professionals, you can rest assured that your car is in good hands. Plus, our services are reasonably priced, meaning you need not break the bank to access premium-quality work on your vehicle. With our help, your vehicle will continue to perform optimally for years to come.

Our services are the best in the industry because we provide:

  • High-quality services
  • Experienced and knowledgeable mechanics
  • Industry-standard tools and techniques
  • Minimum down time
  • Premium quality parts
  • Utmost customer satisfaction

Scheduled car maintenance services always pay in the long run. Do not ignore any small issues for too long because they will transform into major problems that will be very expensive to repair. Instead, you can call us on 0479 192 905 or send us an email at to get quick automotive repair and maintenance services today.

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