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Car Roadworthy Certificate in Moorabbin, Melbourne

Not having a roadworthy certificate for your car is bad news. It means you cannot drive your car on the road or leave the state until you get a vehicle roadworthiness certificate. This can be a costly inconvenience for you. What’s more, driving a vehicle without a roadworthy certificate attracts hefty fines.  You can end up with a vehicle stuck at home or risking driving it and paying up stiff penalties or worse.

Moorabbin Auto Clinic is a professional and licensed issuer of roadworthy certificates for cars, vans, trucks, and other commercial vehicles in Moorabbin, Melbourne. Our services are fast and efficient, and we accept most modern vehicles, including hybrids and electric cars for vehicle roadworthy inspection. We are a premier roadworthy inspection centre in the area that offers a comprehensive roadworthy check on all types of vehicles before issuing a valid roadworthy certificate.

car roadworthy certificate

All About Car Roadworthy Certificates
A roadworthy certificate is a document that is issued by an authorised centre that confirms that a vehicle meets the required standards and laws concerning safety and roadworthiness. The certificate usually contains information such as the owner’s personal details, vehicle information, and the confirmation of vehicle safety by authorised mechanics such as the licensed vehicle testers at Moorabbin Auto Clinic.

A roadworthy certificate is also required in Melbourne if:

  • You are selling your car
  • You want to transfer ownership of your car
  • You are buying a vehicle
  • You are re-registering the vehicle
  • You want to clear some defect notices

What Is Checked During the Vehicle Roadworthy Inspection?

The roadworthy check is a mandatory safety inspection that all vehicles in the country must undergo before being used on public roads. During this roadworthy test, the testers will take a thorough test or inspect the vehicle for any sign of damage or malfunction, and they will also check the vehicle’s emissions levels. Some of the things that are typically checked during this inspection to get a vehicle roadworthiness certificate include the following:

  • Engine and transmission

    This includes the engine oil level, coolant level, fuel levels and condition, battery condition and charging system (if applicable), as well as any leaks or other problems with the exhaust system.

  • Brakes

    When you bring your vehicle for roadworthy inspection, the tester will check that the brakes are working properly, along with checking for noise, vibration, or excessive wear or tear that could impact their effectiveness.

  • Tyres and rims

    This includes checking that all tyres have enough tread left on them to meet minimum legal requirements and that all rims are in good shape with no cracks, excessive bulges, or any other damage.

  • Suspension and steering system

    The roadworthy testing specialists will check and ensure that all parts of the suspension system are working properly, including ball joints, tie rods, bushings, and all other components necessary for the smooth operation of your vehicle.

  • Lights and warning signal

    The lights and warning signals are inspected for proper operation, including headlights, brake lights, turn signals, hazard lights, windshield wiper fluid level and operation, as well as other items specified by law.

Book a Roadworthy Test at Moorabbin Auto Clinic

If you are looking to get your car inspected, you are in the right place. At Moorabbin Auto Clinic, we offer a valid roadworthy test that helps you drive with confidence without risking penalty or prosecution. Our roadworthy inspection team is trained and licensed to conduct roadworthy tests. If your car fails the roadworthy test, our technicians can suggest the necessary repairs and servicing before it is submitted again for a roadworthy test.

Getting your car inspected to get a roadworthy certificate is an essential part of keeping your vehicle safe and reliable. It is also required by law when you buy a new or used car and after major repairs. Roadworthy tests can also help identify problems that can be rectified at a lower expense before they develop into major snags and become a costly proposition for you. We follow the federal and state guidelines for pricing for testing and vehicle roadworthy certificates in Moorabbin, Melbourne.

When you book a roadworthy inspection with us, we will provide you with a comprehensive vehicle inspection to ensure your car is safe to be driven on the roads. The roadworthy certificate work in tandem with a pre-purchase inspection for the buyer to know the condition of the car and its fair price before making an offer on it. Our reports are made in the prescribed format that is easy to read and comes with details of all the findings observed during the inspection.

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Choosing Moorabbin Auto Clinic for your roadworthy certificate needs means choosing a company with 20 years of industry experience and a team of skilled mechanics with the expertise to provide you with the best possible service. We do not want to restrict ourselves to only meet your expectations – we work to exceed them.

By choosing a company with a reputation for quality, you can rest assured that things will be done right the first time. Contact us today via email at or call us on 0479 192 905 to book your vehicle’s roadworthy test.


No, you can’t sell a car without a roadworthy certificate. It is required by law before selling a car in most states. A roadworthy certificate verifies that your vehicle meets minimum safety standards and has been professionally inspected, which means it is safe to drive on public roads.

If your vehicle fails the roadworthy test, you will be required to make any necessary repairs before taking it for another test. You can get the necessary repairs done and get the vehicle inspected again.

You need a road safety certificate if you want to drive a vehicle on public roads in Australia. It is usually required for new cars and if you want to sell it or transfer ownership.

A vehicle roadworthy certificate is valid for 30 days upon issuance. You must get a safety certificate not too long before the transaction or selling of the car.

The roadworthy inspection cost varies depending on the vehicle specifications, its size, type, make, and model. You can always ask for a quote from the vehicle tester before booking the same.

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