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Fuel Injector Servicing

The modern day vehicle is an extremely sophisticated and high tech piece of machinery. There are now many sensors, CPU’s, and electrical systems controlling the every move of your vehicle. Every time you accelerate, brake, steer, start your car, turn the key to accessories or even press your remote many automated management systems are activated. When something goes wrong not just anybody can have you up and running again.

At Morabbin Auto clinic we have the latest in engine management and diagnostic equipment enabling us to communicate with your vehicles many CPU’s. However it’s only the first step having all the latest equipment, what good is it if nobody knows how to use it? You can rest assured that all of our mechanics are fully trained and proficient in using the latest Engine management equipment.

When it comes to your engine management the key is regular maintenance. To maintain your engine management system it is recommended that the Fuel & Air Filters are replaced regularly. Replacing spark plugs, cleaning the intake and throttle body on a regular basis and servicing your EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system is also highly recommended.

To lower your emissions and maintain the overall performance of your EFI, we recommend a fuel injection clean every 30,000 kilometres. Built up carbon, dirt and other residue is removed aiding in better fuel economy and performance.

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